My Mind Is Made Up

by Dj Knite X

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My Mind is Made Up is a raw mixtape about life, broken hearts, the things we enjoy the most, and just being ourselves.

"My mind is made up, there's going to be trouble."

"We moved on again. We're not wasting away"


released February 24, 2017

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered: Nikki "Dj Knite X" Xaysanasy
Studio Assistant: Billy "Wondae" Smith
Additional Vocals by: Shoko, The MSG KID, Wondae, Divine Low-Life, TempO and folks from the tSn Crew
Respective rights/shoutouts to respective artists for instrumentals used.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Dj Knite X Arkansas

An Alternative-Hip Hop Artist rapping about broken hearts, video games and being yourself.

Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas

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Track Name: My Mind is Made Up (Intro by The Wonder Years)
My mind is made up there's going to be trouble
Track Name: In Your Head (Pragmatic Theory)
It's time to get big
time to prove them wrong
watch me fly out for my summer tour
playing all my songs
had more fans than I thought I had all along
less subcribers, I'm more underground, you know
an asian rapper been spitting bars and hot stuff
never dropped a mixtape, I'll pick it up when it's hot
yeah, they thought I'll never keep this up
it's been 6 years, now I'm getting up
I'm tired of sleeping my life away
I'm done wearing the wrong shoes, it's time to throw them away
now I'm on my own time, spitting out my own rhymes
cracked out on tSn, because you like our lines
Dj Knite X, I been around since the beginning
from video games to forum blogs,i seen everything
fuck your karma shit, fuck the whole thing
I'm an angry asian man and I'll have to deal with it
I don't care what you think
nothing since then has ever made me sink
it's time for me to get into your head
you'll think to yourself "Dj Knite X is dead"
nah, I never died, this is not a come back
I'm ready to rock the whole world with a new track
this is what I'll do and this is who I am
I'm coming from the bottom and I'll let it off with a bang!

I went from pop punk to hip hop
I got my own band, now we're doing quick stops
from gas stations and on the highway roads
wanting to go to places wanting someone to hear me flow
I'm doing my own set and setting up my own shows
putting out flyers, making sure people go
nothing too old, nothing to be sold
I'm not in it for the money
everything I do will be gold
Track Name: Imagination Forest Ft. Shoko (Shizen no Teki-P)
I dreamed about dying alone
and it's common for me to think that
I'm alone in a forest
and even the animals are far from me
I guess they're more scared of me than I am scared of them
And I'm walking along the trail hoping that it takes me home
Cause I don't know where else to go
The only cries I hear now are the birds flying back home.

[verse 1]
I haven't built anything with my bare hands
The only thing that I'm good at is saying that I can
With the will of a 25 year old doing things that I'm told
but I'm doing better than having my heart out sold.

Dreams that haunts me
are dreams that grew up with me
And I believe everything that I see
I smile with a blindfold on
crossed off the X's on my arms
Cause I'm ready to take the world on

[verse 2]
Every knock I hear is the only sound my heart makes
And it breaks every time I admit to my mistakes
Looking back at the past is the reason why I'm awake
but I'm tired but I'm ready to raise the stakes
I grew up and said "screw the whole thing"
and now I'm writing, kept the letters repenting everything
Forgive and forget is the last thing on the list
for me to forget.

watashi no me mo sou natte iru you de

I'm tired, scared, and alone
I'm tired, scared, and alone
I'm tired, scared and alone
I'm tired, scared and alone
Track Name: Karakuri Pierrot Ft. Shoko & The MSG KID (40-MP)